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baby it’s cold outside

I’m really starting to enjoy NYC.
didn’t realize it was going to grow on me this quickly.
it was just last week i wasn’t sure how i felt about this place.
now, sitting in my apartment, listening to christmas music, watching the snow outside, and drinking coffee, i know this is the place for me.


just friends

to a boy. 

i really want to be more than friends.
i really wish that you knew that.
i really think that we would be happy together,
at least i am sure that i would be happy with you.

i want you to know that i enjoy everything about you.
i want you to know that thinking of you makes me smile.
i want you to know that i get butterflies when i’m around you,
and i want them to never go away.

i like it when you hug me even for a second.
i like it when you play guitar, sing, or simply smile.
i like it when you monopolize the space in my bed,
and when you tell stories that only make sense to you.

i know you’ve had a broken heart.
i know you love to travel.
i know how much you love your friends,
and that you would do anything for them.

i hope you find complete joy and happiness in life.
i hope you know how incredible you are.
i hope that one day i can tell you these things,
but for now, we are just friends.




anna’s birthday.

so far for anna’s birthday she has received twenty-one rediculously amazing gifts from tessa, colleen, and i. these gifts include such things as the “I’ve Never” drinking board game, high school musical lip gloss (complete with zac efron pin), advil, condoms, and many other survival goodies for the of-age person….

also - we went out to several happening joints in downtown athens including the loft where we received a “birthday cake shot” which was probably the best thing in the entire world. I also learned what amazing things can happen while name-dropping….oh the joys of knowing people.

 i’ve also eaten a fourth of anna’s ice cream cake. don’t tell her.


hillary clinton

should absolutely be elected as our next president.

sometimes i wonder what i&#8217;m thinking when i take these pictures.

sometimes i wonder what i’m thinking when i take these pictures.